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Imagine a design studio able to provide you, the homeowner or designer/decorator, the ability to shop in one place with ease and convenience




Fine Interiors was created with both homeowners and designers in mind, creating a one-stop-shop design studio which offers interior design furnishings such as fabrics, wallpapers, window treatments, and hardware. With our in-house workroom, we are able to create the best in quality products at the lowest price possible. Fine Interiors assesses their projects first hand in detail to assure that the clients’ standards are met in a timely and professional manner. Our company is committed to creating the finest custom home furnishings while also providing the best in-quality goods to both homeowners and designers.



Showroom Services


Choosing the right wallpaper can be a challenge. From traditional wall coverings, contemporary, and textured, our studio allows homeowners and designers/decorators alike to explore a new level of design possibilities. Let us transform your walls with breathtaking color, style and touchable textures.

Drapery Hardware

Drapery hardware plays an expressive role in the success of your space. Thanks to our diverse collection of drapery hardware, we are able to accentuate your custom drapery — whether your style is simple or extravagant, we have something to transform your space.


When it comes to upholstery, you can be assured that your furniture is in the right hands. We take great pride in our work, offering only the finest materials and craftsmanship. It is our commitment to provide your furniture with number one care–whether it be a small ottoman, or a four-seater sofa, our studio promises to prolong the life and longevity of each piece.


Quality, versatility, and practicality are key factors when choosing the right style for your home. At Fine Interiors, we offer a wide selection of trusted brand name fabrics to meet your standards. All fabrics are displayed in our studio, where our team of professional designers are ready to assist you with any project.

Window Treatments

Window treatments greatly impact the mood, feel and functionality of any room. They provide a key design element and finishing touch to decor. Our studio carries a large variety of fabrics to create a window that will transform your space. Unique to the industry, all sewing projects are done in-house in our large state of the art work-room.


Providing only the highest quality blinds, our studio is focused on complete customer satisfaction, with blinds such as roller, silhouettes, shutters, cellular, wood, horizontal, and roman blinds.

Our Team

Design Services

Residential & Commercial Specialist


At Fine Interiors we offer a complete list of services to accomodate both residential and commercial decorating needs. Our staff of professionals specialize in full re-design services and provide ideas that you may use to improve your space.

Floor Plan Drawings


At Fine Interiors we’re able to create various floor plan drawings to accommodate all of your renovation ideas:

2D Drawings

3D Drawings

Elevation Drawings

Furniture Plans

Electrical/Lighting Plans

Consultation & Renovations


Designing and renovating your own space can be difficult. With in-home consultations, our team is able to assess your space and provide you with appropriate and timeless design. We provide design plans for small projects or renovations, with contracting services as well.



Where to shop and what to buy can be challenging when it comes to designing your space. Let us assist you and make designing fun, not a chore. With our various sources for fabrics, drapery hardware, furniture, and lighting, sourcing for your home will be effortless and convenient.


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